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As a Primary Care Provider & Medical Expert I play a beneficial & productive role in your integrative health & wellness team.

I practice Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in the context of integrative health and wellness. I specialize in endurance sports medicine, trauma, post op and injury recovery – pain management, sleep disorders, migraines and addiction treatment.

Dr Arno Kroner LAc

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Integrative Personalized Care

Every patient has a unique history regardless of their health. I believe studying the whole person is the only true foundation of a successful treatment, longevity or performance plan. Holistic care is how we examine and diagnose from multiple angles.

Above all, the doctor / patient collaboration is paramount in reaching positive health, wellness or performance goals. We always work in tandem in goal setting, planning, implementation & assessment. We are constantly in touch.

Therefore, a personalized approach is reflected in every aspect of my practice. From detailed intake, accurate diagnosis, adequate referrals to targeted treatment plans and health recommendations unique to you, the patient. This is what a Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine does.

Let’s find out if we can be on the same team! For instance, I offer 15 minutes phone consultations prior to a visit. It’s important we work together, I’m an expert but you are also the expert of you!


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Proven Tradition Meets Modern Science

In my practice ancient knowledge is validated by evidence-based and peer-reviewed research. Therefore, I invite you to browse through the site to find out if this approach is appropriate for you. For instance, do my specialties resonate with your unique needs? In addition, areas of special interest to me are: Sport Medicine, Trauma Recovery, Men’s Health, Neurological Issues, Endurance/Longevity, Sleep and Natural Medicine. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about what we do or find our latest blog article. Our solutions page as well as our FAQ page contain a lot of information and we are always a short (and free) 15 min phone consultation away! Also don’t forget to read our glowing reviews!

Finally, contact me if you have questions or comments!


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I am based in West Los Angeles and I also do house visits in the Greater Los Angeles Area. And of course I practice telemedicine which is useful for many patients worldwide when issues don’t require needling (I do prefer to see you in person though!). The links below give you different way to get in touch. I would love to hear how I can help you on your path to greater health and wellness! Thank you for visiting our web site. 

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