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I am a Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine practicing Integrative Medicine. As a Primary Care Provider & Medical Expert I play a beneficial & productive role in your support & healing team.

I hope this website answers or provokes any questions you may have.
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Dr Arno Kroner LAc

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Personalized Medicine

Every patient has a unique history regardless of their health goal. This is the first reason why I believe studying the whole person is the only true foundation of a successful treatment, longevity or performance plan.

This is also why I consider the doctor / patient collaboration to be paramount in reaching positive health, wellness or performance goals.

This personalized approach is reflected in every aspect of my practice: detailed intake, accurate diagnosis, adequate referrals, targeted treatment plans and health recommendations unique to you, the patient.

Let’s find out if we can be on the same team! I offer 15 minutes phone consultations. Most of all it’s important we work together.

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Tradition Meets Modern Science

For every tool in my scope of practice, ancient knowledge is validated by evidence-based and peer-reviewed research.

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