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Fibromyalgia and Integrative Medicine

Fibromyalgia (FM) affects nearly 1 in 20 people globally. In the United States nearly 2–10% of the general population of all ages are affected by this condition. Cost associated with the syndrome exceeds $20 billion. FM is associated with many symptoms: pain, work limitations, low quality of life, poor coping, poor physical functioning. Also multiple chronic co-morbidities can make it particularly challenging to treat. It affects multiple physiological systems: cognitive, musculoskeletal, reproductive, sleep, digestive, urinary and psychological. Evidence-based treatment paradigms are emerging, but there remains a research-to-practice gap, leaving patients to seek out their own treatment options. Patients are increasingly seeking out Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for answers concerning FM. 

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headaches migraines and integrative medicine

Headaches Migraines and Integrative Medicine

Having successfully treated several chronic migraines and headaches recently I wanted to share some of the science and the evidence behind the diagnosis and the treatments. Headaches migraines and integrative medicine: do reach out if you suffer from various headaches and migraines. I will try to write up some case studies soon to illustrate my process and showcase the success achieved with my patients (they have to be credited with at least 50% of the headache eradication by getting on this path of therapy and making the lifestyle adjustments that were recommended! Bravo!). This might be a bit long so I hope it doesn’t give you a headache! If it does you know where to find me to fix it!

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tmj and acupuncture

TMJ & Acupuncture

Temporomandibular joint & muscle disorders (TMJ syndrome) are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. I have successfully treated a large number of patients for “TMJ” in the past years. Call now if you suffer from pain in the jaw (also due to dental interventions and procedures). This TMJ & Acupuncture article gives the reader an overview of the etiology and treatment options.

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insomnia and TCM

Insomnia and TCM

Insomnia… sleepless nights… nightmares… difficulty falling asleep… difficulty staying asleep… waking up much too often in the night… tossing and turning… sleep disorders… etc.. etc… I treat this a lot. By now most of you must know what my favorite sleep aid/trick is (use a long word like thalassotherapy and each letter find five words in your mind maybe on the same theme) but beyond the obvious sheep counting insomnia is a serious disorder and in order to stay healthy we need good quality sleep (along with quality exercise, nutrition and mindfulness). In my practice, every insomnia pattern is as different as every patient is different. Acupuncture and herbal medicine usually yield long lasting results. Book a visit now if you suffer from insomnia. TCM can help.

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