Erectile Dysfunction & Spinal Injury

Erectile Dysfunction & Spinal Injury – Slides from a medical presentation at Emperor’s College

This presentation focuses on post traumatic treatment for ED occurring from injury to the spinal cord in an accident or surgery. Men’s health is very complex and not all is covered in this presentation. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction we suggest you schedule a consultation with us as we are very passionate about men’s health and are also experts in that area.

Summary – Spinal Cord injury is usually due to accidents and trauma. Also it affects particularly males, leading to complications such as erectile dysfunction. Psychogenic and/or Reflexogenic ED can occur after trauma to the spinal cord T11 and lower. Biomedicine usually treats the condition with pharmacotherapy and mechanical devices. From an traditional Chinese medicine standpoint, acupuncture and eletro-acupuncture can restore function in some cases while phytotherapy can also provide support. We concluded the presentation by emphasizing the fact that sexual issues are complex at both the mind and body levels.

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erectile dysfunction & spinal injury