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Adapto Plus for Endurance, Cognition, Immunity & Stress

Our best seller adaptogen formula Adapto Plus has a long story of personal endurance research and achievements as well as evidence-based design thanks to the research on Adapt-232 combined with our expertise in traditional herbology. Adapto Plus is a daily supplement to minimize stress, improve focus, just go through demanding workdays or recover from a cold or other illness. We invite you to learn more about Adapto Plus in the 4 sections below:

  • Endurance Experience

  • The Research

  • The Ingredients

  • Availability

Endurance Experience

With over 15 years of extreme endurance sports experience, I have been my own guinea pig experimenting with supplements to improve endurance performance and go the distance. With achievements such as finishing the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in the top third (105 miles in high altitude, 33,000 feet of climbing, more than Everest from sea level, 42 hours of running, two nights in the Alps) or sub 24 hr 100 milers, the demands on the body and mind require proper supplementation to reduce oxidative stress and maximize energy use (other supplements and nutritional strategies and proper training are obviously important).


Finally, Adapto Plus is the culmination of this experience and I am always super excited when someone new starts using it! Adapto Plus provides great support in daily life. Today I use it daily during long clinic shifts. Even if you are not an endurance athlete Adapto Plus reduces stress, improves endurance, cognition, and well-being. 


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We researched and documented the formulation of Adapto Plus. Also, the findings of the literature review we completed for its formulation are summarized in the medical presentation The Role of Adaptogens in Endurance Sports on this web site. Additionally, you will also find a comprehensive explanation of what adaptogens are, as the term is often misunderstood and misused in commercial settings we think it is our responsibility to get the facts straight! (eg adaptogens are NOT stimulants!).

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If you are interested please follow the links below to read some the existing body of medical research:

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Following the research findings by the Swedish Institute in their formulation of Adapt 232 we combined Eleuthero, Rhodiola, and Schisandra in 343 proportions. We use inly KPC extracts from Taiwan. Finally, if you are a medical professional and would like to evolve Adapto Plus we will work with you at no charge to modify and improve and adapt (!) the formula to different needs and etiologies.

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In conclusion, Adapto Plus is available as a powder (KPC GMP certified extracts – sourced and processed in Taiwan). Also, we can encapsulate the powder for a fee if that’s what you like best. Adapto Plus is available for sale in our online store or at the clinic in Santa Monica. And shipping is always free. Also, contact us to determine if Adapto Plus is right for you! We offer 15 min free consultations and we are the partner of choice for endurance and longevity patients!

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Dr Arno Kroner