UTMB Video Summary

UTMB Video Summary: Watch a 15 min video condensing 42 hours of running in the mountains around the Mont Blanc in Europe. 

There was a lot of footage shot on a GoPro during the race. I wish I could have included more parts of the race. You can always read the race report which is quite more detailed and includes still photos. I tried to keep the segment under 15 minutes and since I spent two nights in the mountains it was also challenging to shoot at night. There are however night segments that are probably the less fun of the whole piece.

If I had time I would definitely include the volunteers and the other runners or even a video of the finish or more footage of before and after the race. Commenting on this almost 10 years later it still seems it was yesterday. I need to comment because it’s a video page and the SEO plug in is telling me I don’t have enough words on this page which makes sense since it’s just a video page. 

utmb video summary

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